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How it works

How it works

Spatialwork allows user to build their own spatial digital twin by connecting IOT data, build 3d assets, map spatial info into the real scale level.
It comes with native AR viewer which allows user to collaborate both virtually and in real environment.

High-level Architecture

Key concepts and components

The following components forms the key function for spatialwork, by understanding how these component works, you'll have an idea how spatialwork manage spatial data across different platform.


spatialmap is spatiotemporal dataset that works in spatialwork, it includes the time and spatial info for assets used in spatialwork pc and mobile program. the file is encrypted JSON format which allows user to update all clients in real time(1 sec interval)


Datamap is used for spatialwork program to store the information about how to fetch, filter, and visualize data, it includes information like data source url, query expresssion, data vis template, range and applied threshold formular. Data map ensure spatialwork communicate data behavior consistently in real time across clients and os.


All media assets(image and 3d) in SpatialWork are loaded from cloud(hiverlab's central platform) As a serverless framwork, each asset is being streamed separately so there isn't bandwidth limitation at project level.

Data handler

Data Handler is a backend program that performs data Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) processes that achieves the following:
  1. 1.
    Fetch data from multiple data sources at specified intervals
  2. 2.
    Transform data as per requirements
  3. 3.
    Store raw data and transformed data into a local data warehouse
  4. 4.
    Deploy API endpoints that can be called by other programs to fetch transformed data
Spatialwork provides data handler as an open-source program so user can install the program in their own environment with flexibility to customize it on their demand.