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Upload 3D Models to Media Library

To import your own 3D Models into SpatialWork, you first need to upload them to the Media Library on Hiverlab's Central Platform.

How to upload files to Central Platform

1. Go to, and Login from the top right corner.
2. Sign in with your account or create a new account.
3. Click Media Library
4. Under Media Library you can access/upload Images, Audio, Videos and 3D files by clicking on the tabs
5. To upload a new file, click Add New on the top left corner
6. Click Upload File
7. Proceed with Click here to upload multiples
8. Select the file that you want to upload, then click Open . In this example, a 3D file named Robot Arm.glb is selected.
9. Click Upload
10. 3D model RobotArm.glb is now in your media library.