Tips to get your 3d assets works in Spatialwork

GLB Optimization

Pivot Point

  • Objects imported into Spatial Work retain their data regarding their placement but their Pivot Point will be reset back to the origin point (x:0, y:0, z:0).
  • Therefore objects that require specific pivot points need to be centered at the origin first before being imported into SpatialWork and then can be moved into place.

Animating and Baking

  • Normal process as you would do for any animated GLB file.

Importing files

  • 3 data is needed to import a new model into SpatialWork: id, file name, and file URL; all of which can be found after importing the models into the Central Platform and inspecting the webpage.
  • If you edit the id of a model, SpatialWork will recognize it as a new model and will create/duplicate it in the scene therefore remember to cleanup and delete the duplicated/unused model.

Single-sided Faces

  • To allow the interior to still be seen even when the scene is zoomed out, the environment is designed to be made of single-sided planes with the normal faces facing inwards. SpatialWork will recognize the back faces and treat them as being invisible.

Transparent Material