Build your First Project

To start creating your first spatial digital twin, ensure that you have the following:
  • Installed SpatialWork PC and AR program
  • An account registered on Hiverlab's Central Platform
Afterwards, follow the process below:

login spatialwork

upload 3d assets into your media library

Start creating your scene

add in AR marker

Add in data source

You can test with an open restapi data source
for example, you can use this link
as a test api url, choose response type as JSON

Create data viz

Select data viz panel from left side
Range: you can set min/max in gauge chart, and use different color range to give visual indications to end user
Once added the data viz, you can adjust the position of it
You can explore adding CSV data with table/bar data template

Setup view points

Switch to "Viewer" mode from top button, press "C" to open viewpoint setup.
Viewpoints allows you to store camera views so you can easily monitor different part of your digital twin without having to control camera movements.
Every time when you add a new view point, it'll store the current camera position, and giving it a new shortkey

Add Annotations

You can leave notes for other users when they open the project.

Test with AR program

(to be written)