System Requirement

Overall Requirement

VLS System combines a video management interface as well as computer vision feature.
As a free user, they'll have limited access to the full feature, but they can access the general camera management feature.
Usually camera stream requires dedicated bandwidth for each feed(2Mbps for standard HD), so it's recommended to activate VLS feed only when your bandwidth allows.

Streaming Protocol

VLS works at RTSP protocol for now, the VLS backend do support following protocols, however our team is not adding all of them on default at Spatialwork frontend, User can find our updated implementation status on spatialwork roadmap page.
Video: 3GPPP, AVI, M4V, Ogg
Stream protocol: HTTPS, HTTP, HLS, RTSP, RTMP

Hardware Requirement

For a standard CCTV camera system, it usually has DVR/VMS to centralize the media stream. And most of the VMS is able to provide rtsp feed to each CCTV.
If the user has access to the streaming url of the camera, they are able to use VLS in SpatialWork.
The NVR we have tested including:
Dahua DSS Pro
DS-7208HUHI-K1 NVR(Hikvision)
For IP camera which has it's own sim card and dedicate rtsp feed, VLS shall support on default.
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