What is SpatialWork AR

Spatialwork AR is an augmented reality version of Spatialwork software.
This program is essential to Spatialwork as it brings the data that is integrated from the PC program into space via Augmented Reality.
User can use SWAR as a window to view the live update of 3d layout, interactive with data, collaborate with other teammate via annotation and in-build call function.

How people use SWAR

3D live visualisation of space design: as a basic feature, users can look at design outcomes in space, compare the layout and the real environment, giving instruction and annotation
Data reading in space: user shall be able to read information around them by using ARversion as the window to read.
Progress Review: User can use SWAR with it’s progress filter to review the progress of 3d mode so as to check if construction work is on time, or use the same function to make a progress sop visualization