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Volumetric Heatmap

Vary an object's colour according to your data
Volumetric heatmap allows you to visualize data using color and intensity within a volume.
To create a heatmap, ensure that you have first selected an object, then click on the Volumetric Heatmap button on the left bar. To see the guide, refer to Create and Configure

What is Volumetric Heatmap?

Volumetric Heatmap aims to provide color indication on the 3D model itself, instead of relying on additional data channels. The approach of volumetric color allows SpatialWork 3D models to change their display color and rendering effects based on the data linked to them.

Why Volumetric Color is Important

Volumetric color helps viewers and planners easily identify changes in the data, providing clear visual indication.
While computers capture numeric input as their native format, but our eyes capture contrast as our native input for recognition. Contrast is presented in color, such as warm or cold, black or white.
3D models are the native element in a digital twin, and all other elements should be referenced to the native element.