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VLS Editor

In planner mode, you can add VLS, set up point cloud view, and adjust the position and scale of VLS.

How to add VLS in SpatialWork Planner Mode

1. In planner mode, click on VLS icon
2. In the right panel, click Add Video.
3. Under video setting, key in the video name and RTSP URL Link.
4. Select the configuration settings for Point Cloud
5. Click Save
6. Video is now added to the project scene.

How to set up point cloud view

  1. 1.
    To set up point cloud view, click the point cloud icon beside the video under VLS panel.
2. Point cloud view is set up now

How to adjust the point cloud dimension

1. Click on the video and drag it to adjust its position
  1. 2.
    To change the scale, click on the video in hierarchy panel then expand the Base Data.
2. Change the dimension of scale to make sure point cloud data fits the environment well.
3. VLS is now modified to new position and dimension