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Create Dynamic Object

  1. 1.
    Open a sample project
  1. 2.
    Firstly you need to Add Data Source for your dynamic object. Ensure that your dynamic object data includes a list of motion objects in digital twin, like AGV, robots, forklift etc. If you have done so, skip to step 7.
  1. 3.
    Click "SpatialViewer"
  1. 4.
    Click "SpatialViewer"
  1. 6.
    Save your data source
  1. 7.
    In Planner mode, create a new dynamic object
  1. 8.
    Configure the dynamic object
  1. 9.
    Choose the data source which includes the dynamic object
  1. 10.
    Chart name will be display on top label of the object
  1. 11.
    Assign 3D model for the dynamic object
  1. 12.
    You may follow the steps in Import 3D Model
  1. 13.
    Select the model you wish to add
  1. 14.
    Select the model you wish to add (2)
  1. 15.
    Import it
  1. 16.
    If you wish to replace the icon, refer to Replace Gadget Icon
  1. 17.
    Configure value display on the object
  1. 18.
    Write the JSON Path to select the data that you want to display. To learn how to write JSON paths, see Specifying a JSON Path
  1. 19.
    We will be getting the device name in this example
  1. 20.
    Press Save once all settings are finished
  1. 21.
    You can also modify the JSON path based on which entity shall be displayed. To learn how to choose the JSON path, see Specifying a JSON Path
  1. 22.
    Modify the json path to display different value on the dynamic object
  1. 23.
    As the result, the 3D object is displayed in the environment, with its value displayed in its label