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Edit Data Visualization

Change an existing chart's configuration
In this example, I have created a Gauge Chart that has ranges that are 100x too large. This is a guide on how to edit the data visualisation's configuration.
  1. 1.
    Ensure that you are in Planner mode
  1. 2.
    Note that the bottom part of the hierarchy is blank, meaning that no object is currently selected
  1. 3.
    Click your existing data visualisation to select it
  1. 4.
    With the component selected, its details appear at the bottom of the hierarchy
  1. 5.
    With the chart selected, edit it by clicking the Data Visualisation button
  1. 6.
    In this example, the values are 100x too large
  1. 7.
    Make the necessary edits
  1. 8.
    I will also change the maximum value to 1.
  1. 9.
    Save your edits
  1. 10.
    The scale of the value now shows correctly