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Add Data Source

Add your live data source to display it in SpatialWork
SpatialWork can use the following data sources:
  • REST API and SQL connection types
  • Dataset files: CSV, JSON, Document (e.g. PDF file) and data from SQL database
  • REST API: most open source data platforms provide REST API for you to access their data.
  • SpatialWork DataHandler API: After you install DataHandler in your digital twin server, you can connect it to DataHandler via REST API or websocket host.
Recommended for Informational Digital Twins: use DataHandler, as it communicates with most of the industrial data protocols.

Adding a Data Source

1. Click the SpatialWork Icon
2. Open File > Data Source
3. Click Add source
4. Enter the details of your data source
5. For this example, we will be using a JSON response for the response type
6. Click Save to add the data source to your project.
7. You have successfully created your new data source