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Create AR Marker

AR Marker is used to create image marker for spatialwork AR program.
Learn how to:

Import AR Marker in Planner Mode

1. To import an AR marker, click Main Menu > File > Import file
2. Select an AR marker from media library
3. Click Import
4. AR Marker will appear in scene.
5. Click on the AR marker to rotate or move it

Adjust size of AR marker

The AR marker's dimensions in Spatialwork should correspond to its real-world size. For instance, if the AR marker is printed as an A4 paper, its dimensions should be 22cm by 29cm, and you'll need to enter these values in the Spatialwork AR marker dimension field as 0.22 meters by 0.29 meters (the unit in Spatialwork is meters).
If users end up printing the AR marker with different dimensions due to settings like bleeding or autoscaling in the printer, they must update the Spatialwork AR marker dimension based on the actual printed marker size.
  1. 1.
    To adjust the size of AR marker, find the AR marker on the hierarchy panel.
  1. 2.
    Edit the dimension of AR marker

Adjust position of AR Marker

The position of AR marker acts as anchor for Spaitalwork mobile to locate the 3D objects via scanning.
1. To move the image marker, click on the marker and Gizmo will appears
2. Move the image marker by dragging it to the location you want.